About SWEET Bakery

SWEET Bakery has been serving Matsumoto City and the surrounding areas in Nagano prefecture for 100 years. With 3 different locations as well as SWEET Cafe located near Matsumoto Castle we can meet your bread and sweet tooth needs on site and now online as well. With an ever expanding menu be sure to check back often for your favorite treat.

A Taste of Old Seattle

SWEET's founder, Soshichiro Watanabe, moved to Seattle in the early 1900s to pursue his dreams and ideals.After working as a migrant worker and trainee, he founded SWEET Bakery Seattle in 1913, but decided to return to Matsumoto City 10 years later.

To commemorate the 110th anniversary of that original store in Seattle we have begun to rediscover those traditional American sweets we were once known for. Our American chef, who came to Japan 40 years ago, is creating those simple down-to-earth recipes often using the fresh ingredients of Shinshu.;

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